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The Joy of Low Light Photography

Recently I have been involved in projects that involve some serous low light photography. I thought I would write a quick blog about the equipment & software I have been using to help me get quite usable results.

The most recent project was Unfolding theatre’s Building palaces. This was a very dark multi room promenade show with the light going from very bright to complete darkness. It was a challenge so I decided to arm myself with a 2x Nikon D700’s both with Nikkor high quality fast primes. Camera no1 was fitted with the New Nikkor 24mm ƒ/1.4  G ED and Camera no2 was fitted with the classic Nikkor 85mm ƒ1.4 AF D, Even with with using very fast glass my ISO was between 100 & 6400! so no matter what camera you are using with maybe the exception of the D3s I was still going to get bags of noise. But thats where the amazing noise reduction from CS5 comes into play. I am extremely impressed with this software it is amazing just watching the noise disappear,

Below are some examples of my lowlight work for Building palaces.

ISO 1000 ƒ/1.6

ISO 1000 ƒ/1.6

ISO1600  ƒ/1.8

ISO 1000 ƒ/1.8

Gala Theatre front cover Image *Published*

This week I was at the Sunderland Empire Theatre taking some production promo shots for Orbital Sound who have been touring the sound support for The Sound Of Music, I had a guided tour and I have to say I was very impressed at the attention to detail in the sound design,You can have sneaky peak at some of the photos here
As the weekend approaches I have my fingers crossed for the sky’s to clear and some good weather to grace the North East, hopefully I will get out and do some serous landscape photography as I have some new equipment to try out and lots of ideas spinning around in my head.