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Beautiful | Norway

I recently returned from beautiful Norway after a 4 day trip organised by Antony Spencer The plan was to photograph the Northern Lights but sadly the cloud and sometimes rain set in during the dark hours making it impossible to see them yet alone photograph them.

Even tho we did not get to see the lights dance we still did plenty of exploring and photography during the daylight hours. Norway has so much to offer with stunning mountain’s and Fjord’s everywhere you look. We were also very lucky to have been there when the autumn colours were at there best with lovely oranges and browns like you have never seen.  it really its Large format camera territory as my SLR ‘s just did not have the resolution to capture the amazing detail that this landscape has to offer during the daylight. I will definitely return again probably during the winter when the landscape is transformed with a layer of snow and the light is more subtle making it much easer to photograph.

Antony Spencer will be running trips to Norway throughout the year so get in contact of you are interested in going out to Norway to see the lights for yourself.

Below is a small selection of photographs taken during my stay.

Grøtfjord Ripples

Summer Island

DIY Filter Holder for Nikon’s AF-S 14-24mm ƒ/2.8 G Lens

I have had this wonderful lens for sometime but I am never able to use it because I love using filters but this lens has no standard way of fitting a Lee or Cokin Filter holder. I know Lee will be launching a new filter system for this lens  in June but I am a very inpatient person and I think it will be over £300+VAT just for the holder and maybe 1x filter!  So I was thinking I can make one for much less and still decent quality. and it can take the 130mm / 170mm Grad filters that Lee & Cokin Make. below is a list of key ingredients you will need.

1x Cokin X Pro Filter Holder

1x Cokin Universal Adapter ring

black Telescopic Circular Tubing

thin Black plastic sheet / or black card

Thin foam + spray adhesive

I have posted some photos of my filter holder below, I have only had a quick test and there is no cut off at 16mm on a FX Camera so a DX would be ok for sure.

I am going to head out tonight and get some landscape test shots so will post the results later.

Photographing the Angel

Its always very difficult photographing a location that has been done so many times before but I also see it as a challenge.
Myself and a fellow photographer decided to give the Angel of The North a try as neither of us had ever attempted to photograph this mammoth north east icon.

The wind was quite high so the clouds were moving at quite a speed above us, so I decided a long exposure would help drag the sky out and create more drama in the shot, I also didn’t want to include any distracting foreground I just wanted the Angel to dominate the frame without any reference of size.

The timing was the main problem as Angel of the North attracts a lot of attention from tourists and locals so it can get quite busy. Finding a space of time to take an exposure without someone walking though the frame was the fist challenge. The second challenge was getting the exposure time correct so I got the exact cloud motion I wanted. Once I had worked out the best exposure time I waited for the best clouds and the tourists to clear and 19 seconds later I had my shot.

For people who are interested see the camera settings below.

EXIF: 24mm | ISO: 100 |19s @ f/11 | B&W 10 Stop Filter + Heliopan CP

Lens: Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8 AF-S ED Camera: Nikon D700

Take a look at my Flickr page for more recent work.



Gala Theatre front cover Image *Published*

This week I was at the Sunderland Empire Theatre taking some production promo shots for Orbital Sound who have been touring the sound support for The Sound Of Music, I had a guided tour and I have to say I was very impressed at the attention to detail in the sound design,You can have sneaky peak at some of the photos here
As the weekend approaches I have my fingers crossed for the sky’s to clear and some good weather to grace the North East, hopefully I will get out and do some serous landscape photography as I have some new equipment to try out and lots of ideas spinning around in my head.

My First Post

Hello I thought I would give this Blog a go, at least while my web site is under construction.

It’s been quite a busy week; getting out with the camera for 3 sunrises & 3 sunsets! I was also down in Durham taking photos of the Gala Theatre for the front cover of spring 2010 event listings brochure, while there I also did some photographs of the GTSS performance of Footloose in the main auditorium.

Please keep an eye on my blog, I will try and keep it updated with whatever projects I am working on. I will post information about my 2010 exhibition as soon as I have the dates. in the meantime please feel free to take a look though my photostream on Flickr.

I am currently back out on tour for my last leg of the build your own cathedral tour with the Karine Polwart Trio, last night we were in Cambridge where the band were filmed by Spiral Earth, so that should be available to view shortly. Anyway, I better dash as I have a soundcheck to complete in Marlborough.
Catch you soon,