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LA Baby!

Recently I was lucky to be sent out to LA on a job not photography related but still very interesting.

I managed to get out a few times to take in and photograph some of the stunning landscapes they have over there. The first thing that hit me was the difference in the light and how hard it was to get a decent exposure. below are a few of the shots I took on my travels.

An afternoon chasing light & tide

I was going to get up and do a sunrise at a local location as the weather looked very promising for a change. I did get up at 7am but I went back to bed again. I needed to make up for it by dedicating my afternoon to getting some decent shots and maybe catch a sunset if there was one.

I started off by heading for Whitburn  near Marsdens bay South Shields, I knew the tide was coming in but I was hoping it was still out so I could access one of the arches for enough time to get a decent shot, This was not the case, I probably could have got to the arch and set up but I would of had to swim back! I decided to get a wide shot of all three arches. By the time I had finished the first exposure it was time to leave as the tide was heading in fast.

After that I decided I would head north and see if the weather at St Mary’s Lighthouse was any good. Even though the tide was high, I have no high tide shots at this location. I arrived and the first signs of pink were visible in the clouds so I headed down to the rocks and set up I tried a couple of different compositions and settled with the one below.

Whitburn Arch

St Mary’s Lighthouse