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So the world didn’t end…

Looking back on 2012 and all things considered its been a pretty fantastic year!

The end of the year is a great time to reflect on what has happened over the last 12 months. I find myself looking back at images and thinking “That didn’t happen this year!” But it did…

This year I managed to spend nearly 2 months of the year in California, travelled over 60 thousand miles around the world & filled 2x 1TB Drives with data. And make my way on to Live BBC news 24!

Below are some highlights of 2012.

Lets kick things off with a short documentary made by the BBC for Inside Out about my Aurora Chasing in January.

Northern Lights Over Holy Island CausewayHere is one of the final images from 22nd January. Its also available as a edition print from my website.

Flightcases USA

The Second Highlight was traveling to Los Angeles to work on the sound department for “The Amazing Spiderman” movie.

It was Kinda a big deal!

So is this guy.

Jerome C Rousseau

While I was in Los Angeles I  met up with my good friend & shoe designer Jerome C Rousseau. to make some new promo images.

The Images appeared in many top fashion magazines such as Vogue +Elle along side his wonderful shoes.

Best in The world poster

Shortly after returning to the UK I made some promo images for Unfolding Theatre for their new production “Best in The World

Jack Lowe A quick trip to the JL Studio was made to take a portrait of my good friend Jack Lowe to use along side his new projects.

November Club image Queens Hall Hexham

I also photographed a beautiful art installation by Julia Barton at the Queens Hall in Hexham for November Club

March was crazy busy! I managed to fly to Switzerland  to work with a great act called Frisky & Mannish I stayed in a Chalet in Verbier Village, Amazing! Sadly no photos where taken on my SLR but I did get a quick one on the iPhone. It really was a flying visit! I was back in England in under 24 hours!

Instagram Image Verbier

April & May saw me heading back out with what I like to call “my band” I don’t actually play an instrument I just push faders at the correct time and do some driving & lifting.

We made some fun movies “backstage passes” in many of the UK’s dressing rooms & gardens.

Backstage Pass

At the end of May I returned to Los Angeles to complete “The Amazing Spiderman ” job. I managed to get some LA party time too!

Amazing_Spider-Man_theatrical_poster_02The Amazing Spider-Man Promo Poster

BA Pilot My Good man Mr BA plane pilot. They let me in the cockpit after I told them I was working for National Geographic. Bull Shit really can go a a long way…

LAX Landing Landing At LAX

Hot Tub Saxophone LA Hot Tub Saxophone Party Time!

New website reedingramweir.comAt the end of April my new Reed Ingram Weir Photography website went live with new web shop & design. Thank you to my good friend Mikey over at heymyshko who worked hard on this.

June was also kind to me with lots of things including new toys such as the Nikon D4 SLR and some Lego

Nikon D4 ReflectionPlaying with the D4

Wet Lego Man Lego Man

 June / July passed very fast with my AV company Ingramsounds providing production services for Durham Brass Festival , EAT Festival  & Vamos!


DBF Logo


In Early August myself & good friend and fellow photographer / film maker Topher Mcgrillis made a short teaser video for November Club. I personally wasn’t keen on the final edit of the video so we edited our own horror version to please ourselves.

At the End of August I travelled back to California for the 3rd time in 2012 but this time it was leisure and with my better half Jennifer. We would be embarking in an epic road trip from Los Angeles and passing though, Malibu, Santa Barbra, Moro Bay, Carmel, Yosemite, then flying home from San Francisco.

Santa Monica SunsetSanta Monica Sunset

LA From above The Bright City Lights of LA

Daniel in LA We stopped in with my friend Daniel Auber to make some images for an El Decor feature.

The next day we left LA and started traveling North after a visit to Universal Studios.

JP-j-r-editStill unsure what the funniest part of this image is? Me or the kid next to me.

Proposal You guessed it! Not a bad spot for a proposal.

Jennifer Anne Wood Incase you wondered… She said yes!

Calabasas highlands viewStunning Sunset over Calabasas highlands

Tunnel View Yosemite Tunnel View Yosemite National Park.

Big Rock YosemiteClimbers in Yosemite

BearGrizzly bear

Northern Lights from a plane above Canada A Surprise but very beautiful show of the Northern Lights flying over Canada on the way back to the UK.

Planet Krypton on a plane Everyone else was sleeping but we got a great show on the way to Planet Krypton!

Life was crazy on our return with a busy work schedule and moving into new Studio space. I was also panning the AV production for Durham book festival and getting ready for the Autumn tour with Karine Polwart. I was lucky enough to have yet another new toy to use.

Durham Book Festival Town Hall The Town Hall ready for a weekend of book talks with such authors & guests as Nick RobinsonChris MullinJack StrawKate Mosse and many more.

Midas Pro 1 Union Chapel London The New Toy. Midas Pro 1 pre show at the Union Chapel for the Karine Polwart concert in October.

Karine Polwart 5 pc bandHungover Karine Polwart Band the morning after.

Towards the end of the year I managed to try and get back out and photograph some local landscapes around the North East as well as completing some photography for my friend Peter Tickell who is currently touring with Sting.

Peter Tickell in the water Rock N Roll Peter on the Northumberland Coast.

The Bridges along the quayside. The Bridges Along the Newcastle Quayside

Charlie’s Garden Seaton Sluice

As you might of gathered its been a busy and varied year. If 2013 is anything like 2012 I will be very satisfied.

On a final note about the year, It really wouldn’t of been as special without my Jennifer.

Jennifer Here is an image made last week at Alnwick Gardens

If you want to follow me in 2013 I now take most photographs on my iPhone and post to Instagram. Feel free to come and see what I am doing @reedingram