New Website

At long last and with much help from my good friend Mike J Hadfield AKA Myshko over at volicol  My new website is ready to go live!

It has been a long drawn out process for me as I am fussy bugger & very indecisive about things especially when it comes to how I present my work to the world. Thank god  Myshko  is a patient man!

Below is a screen shot of the home page click on it and you can browse around the thing for real. Maybe buy a print on the new online store completely custom designed & made by Mikey  feel free to drop me an email via the new contact section and please let me know your thoughts on the new site.

I also want to say a big thank you in advance to Jack Lowe who will be hand making the prints with love and care.

I have been über busy in recent months and have much to blog about such as my fantastic viewing of the Northern Lights from Northumberland back in January and some very exciting work carried out across the pond in Los Angeles back in February. I have also been involved in many exciting projects with my other business Ingramsounds as well as starting the UK Spring tour with Karine Polwart Trio.
Stay tuned much to talk about…

Reed Ingram

One response to “New Website

  • Marko

    And how is it my name is mentioned nowhere….?
    Will have a look at that site and best of luck with it buddy.

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