10 Stop Filter what & why?

What is a 10 Stop filter ?
Think of a 10 Stop filter like a pair of sunglasses for your camera but the only difference with a 10 Stop is that you would be lucky if you could see through it. Photographers use these filers for all kinds of reasons but I use it for what I call “Slowing things down” because when it is placed in front of the lens it lengthens the exposure time greatly;  for instance if I took a photo without it, my  shutter speed would be for example  a 30th of a second, if I attached a 10 Stop filter the shutter speed would need to be increased to 30 Seconds to get the same exposure. So when shooting moving water or cloudy sky’s everything changes,  moving water gets turned into milky smoothness and fast moving sky’s get stretched out! the results it produces look almost unworldly.

My Experience with 10 Stop filters.
I have been using extreme ND filters for over a year and I have always loved the results they produce, but also  hated all the messing around that had to be done to use one. This is because the only decent 10 Stop filter you could buy was a B&W Screw in one and it was plagued with problems from the start, the first being if you wanted to use GND (ND Grad filters) you have to attach your preferred filter system and set up your GND’s to the desired settings, then remove the system without knocking your filters out of position, then screw back on the B&W 10stop without knocking the camera out of focus,  then reattach the filter system and finally take the shot! the second problem was the awful brown colour cast this filter produces. Most of the time it can be corrected on the computer, but sometimes when reviewing your shots in the field it can be a disheartening looking at a brown photo and trying to have a vision on how you will fix it before you end up deleting it !

New amazing product.
Well, there won’t be anymore messing around thanks to Lee’s New “Big Stopper ” Extreme ND 10 Stop filter. For me this is the best product I have seen so far this year and as soon as I heard it was launched I was straight on the phone to my supplier! The “Big Stopper” is a 100mm / 100mm Glass ND filter that slots into the first slot of any Lee or Cokin Z pro filter holder. You may worry about light sneaking in from the back and causing problems with your long exposures? This is not the case as it has a square foam seal around the edge that meets up perfectly with the filter holder. Colour cast doesn’t seem to be a problem with no brown cast detected whatsoever, also I think it is optically better that the B&W getting slightly sharper results. The filter also comes in a nice padded bag and a exposure chart to help  calculate your exposure times, an all round great product in my opinion!

Below are some recent photographs taken with the “Big Stopper

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