Holocaust Memorial Day Commission / Exhibition

Here is a selection of images taken during the Holocaust Memorial day Service on January 24th 2010 at the Journal Tyne Theatre in Newcastle. Each person here had a different story to tell, a different input to the theme of the day; “The Legacy of Hope”. During the two hour service each individual story of survival, courage and above all, hope came across not only in words and music, but shone through the eyes, expressions and posture of every participant. It was an honour to be a part of the day and I hope that the pictures reflect the emotion of the service.

It is important to me that the expression of audience and participants is captured in an authentic way, and that the pictures will form a lasting memory both for those involved and others.

a selected 10 images will be on display on at Newcastle City Library from the 26 January until 4th February.

Below is a couple of images that will be part of that exhibition.

Zdenka Fantlovå (Holocaust survivor)

Alexandra Raikhlina (Music performer)

Paris (Part of the Crossings band)

All images are copyright protected and property of © 2010 Reed Ingram Weir Photography


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