An afternoon chasing light & tide

I was going to get up and do a sunrise at a local location as the weather looked very promising for a change. I did get up at 7am but I went back to bed again. I needed to make up for it by dedicating my afternoon to getting some decent shots and maybe catch a sunset if there was one.

I started off by heading for Whitburn  near Marsdens bay South Shields, I knew the tide was coming in but I was hoping it was still out so I could access one of the arches for enough time to get a decent shot, This was not the case, I probably could have got to the arch and set up but I would of had to swim back! I decided to get a wide shot of all three arches. By the time I had finished the first exposure it was time to leave as the tide was heading in fast.

After that I decided I would head north and see if the weather at St Mary’s Lighthouse was any good. Even though the tide was high, I have no high tide shots at this location. I arrived and the first signs of pink were visible in the clouds so I headed down to the rocks and set up I tried a couple of different compositions and settled with the one below.

Whitburn Arch

St Mary’s Lighthouse


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