Photographing the Angel

Its always very difficult photographing a location that has been done so many times before but I also see it as a challenge.
Myself and a fellow photographer decided to give the Angel of The North a try as neither of us had ever attempted to photograph this mammoth north east icon.

The wind was quite high so the clouds were moving at quite a speed above us, so I decided a long exposure would help drag the sky out and create more drama in the shot, I also didn’t want to include any distracting foreground I just wanted the Angel to dominate the frame without any reference of size.

The timing was the main problem as Angel of the North attracts a lot of attention from tourists and locals so it can get quite busy. Finding a space of time to take an exposure without someone walking though the frame was the fist challenge. The second challenge was getting the exposure time correct so I got the exact cloud motion I wanted. Once I had worked out the best exposure time I waited for the best clouds and the tourists to clear and 19 seconds later I had my shot.

For people who are interested see the camera settings below.

EXIF: 24mm | ISO: 100 |19s @ f/11 | B&W 10 Stop Filter + Heliopan CP

Lens: Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8 AF-S ED Camera: Nikon D700

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